First finishes of the year

Due to the challenge I’m in I was able to complete two projects this week. I worked a little on a couple cross stitches and then finished one that’s been sitting in my closet for a few years. I don’t even remember when it got finished. I thought it was so cute. I don’t even know who I was going to give it to. So it remains homeless for now.

Then I grabbed a little mini cross stitch and got that done too. Days off are nice to catch up on crafting.

Over the weekend I worked on a couple cross stitch WIPs. Poor things have been very neglected.

12 Days got the border finished and the “3” added to it.

The stocking got some holes filled in and more of the coat done.

And I added 4 squares to Nova

All in all it was a very productive week. The new challenge starts Friday. So I’m not sure what projects will be worked on again until then. While I’m waiting for that I’ll be continuing to work on Calendar. I’m still on the border of the current card.

A week full of progress

So after doing all the work on Odyssey and the LTK square, I was able to make even more progress on four more things. I spent time on one more LTK square, Santa’s List, Dollhouse and Calendar.

I finished square 56 and have added it to the LTK page. That square took some concentration. Any time I tried talking while knitting I missed a stitch. Once I realized that and just focused on the square it didn’t take too long at all.

I realized how much I enjoy working on Santa’s List. I added four strands to it this week. You can now see the full sleeping puppy. Here is the before:

And after working 4 strands, little puppy is sleeping at Santa’s feet. :-)

Then I finished the last calendar card for the August pamphlet. Only four pamphlets left, which means only 16 cards left.

I also spent some time on Dollhouse and got the gable attached. It’s looking like a real house now :-)

It’s been quite the productive week here. Not sure how I’ll spend the rest of the week. I have two days before our next group challenge comes out. I’ll probably spend those days working on calendar more.

Another lost project resurrected

This week in my group challenge, we were challenged to work on one thing in each category of our project list. Well I have four categories. That is a huge accomplishment for me to work on 4 different projects in one week. Well, actually I’m working on five. The challenge goes from Friday to Thursday. Last week I was able to finish the challenge over the weekend. Not so much this time. I’m almost half done this week.

The five projects I’ve taken out to work on are LTK ghan (yes this one is still being worked on, and yes it is almost 6 years old), Odyssey, Santa’s List cross stitch, the dollhouse and of course Calendar is in my car to keep me company during lunch.

I’ve completed the challenge on Odyssey. I added four more rows to the blanket. That’s a lot when each row takes about 45 minutes. But I think I am really liking how the current pattern is working out.

And there is a new square added to the LTK page. I finished square 55 which for some reason was a beast to do. I have learned that I HATE purl 3 through the back loop. That is an evil stitch. But it is done and I’m happy enough with it. I also found that some of the pictures aren’t showing. I’ll have to take some time to get that fixed probably later this week.

Starting the year off with a lost WIP

In my crafting group CraftPots we have started a fun WIP game. This week was to pick up a project we always put to the side. So I grabbed up Odyssey. This sucker is so old and hasn’t been touched in so long I had forgotten the name of it.  I actually don’t remember the last time I worked on it honestly. So I took a new before picture. Not that good of one but oh well.

The goal was to spend an hour on the project of choice. I ended up spending a little over two hours on Odyssey. I wanted to finish off the current chart. Mission accomplished! Not sure when it will get worked on again but any progress is good progress.

I still have Calendar out and am slowly working on the last card for the 8th pamphlet. I realized I hadn’t shown any pictures from the 6th and 7th. So here those are.


So those have been what I’ve spent my year on so far. I’m hoping to get this current card finished up this week sometime. For the WIP game we will work on a different challenge type thing each week so I should make some sort of progress on something every week. Hopefully I’ll be able to cut this WIP list down slowly but surely.

Preparing for a New Year

So I took a bit of a hiatus from crafting and blogging. I’ve had quite a bit of things going on and took time to focus on all the changes that happened in my life this year. And there have been a ton.

I’ve recently gotten back to my crafting. It’s slow going. I feel like I always have so much going on and am always busy. I’ve been trying to make more time for it though.

I’ve been going through my house and decluttering and purging. I am finding all my WIPS this way. I have a ton of them. I am thinking of making a page just with my WIP list so I have somewhere to keep track of each one and where I am on the WIP. I may try to get that done in the next week. I’d like to start doing a monthly update or even more often. I think more than once a month is a bit lofty of a goal at this point. So we shall stick to the once a month update for now. I’ll even try to get better pictures posted so you don’t hurt your eyes trying to see through the blur 😉

I did one of those silly Facebook quizzes that tell you what your word for 2016 will be. I was a little surprised and curious at what it told me. It said that my word for the new year was “Innovation”. I am embarrassed to say I had to look up the definition. I knew the word, but didn’t understand how it would fit me. The actual definition of ‘innovation’ is “Something new or different introduced” or it could be “the introduction of new things or methods”. So to be 100% honest this word is describing the last 6 months of my life. Apparently I’ll be continuing the journey into 2016. What I liked most about what this little quiz said was that I would surprise myself next year and find inner peace and harmony. Now I’m sure that it is all some hokey feel good thing that the creator of the test made up. But it made me feel pretty hopeful. So I am going to enter the new year with hope that through my innovation I am able to find my inner peace and have a happier, healthier 2016.

Baby Breath

I’ve been focusing my extra time on Breath for my little nephew. There hasn’t been much spare time with this being Spring Break week. But I was able to get all 9 pieces of the sides done as well as the four corners.

One of these days I’ll figure out why I’ve been getting blurry pictures and fix it. That’s a bit annoying.

Anyway, I’ll be going between breath and my new Cross blanket for the same little guy. Hopefully I’ll have some clearer progress pictures next week of both of them.

Two months later…

It’s hard to believe it’s been two months since I’ve been on here. I’ve made slow progress in the organizing. So slow you can’t really tell LOL. But little by little I’m getting rid of stuff that is no longer needed.

Crafting has gone a bit slow too. I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned crafting since the beginning of the year. I started two Hitchhiker scarf/shawls. I’ve also been working on Calendar still. I finished my pink Hitchhiker.

I still have the blue one going but it’s on hold for now.

My sister is having a little boy and is due this summer. After much deliberation and stress of finding the right blanket for little Baby No Name, I have decided to make Breath. It can be found here. I’ve already started on it. Here is my progress with just one day. So far it seems to be going rather quickly. We will have to see if the assembly of it will be as quick as working up the pieces.

Hopefully I’ll make more updates than once every two months. Part of the problem is that there really was nothing to really update that much. I’m hoping that will change too.