Baby Breath

I’ve been focusing my extra time on Breath for my little nephew. There hasn’t been much spare time with this being Spring Break week. But I was able to get all 9 pieces of the sides done as well as the four corners.

One of these days I’ll figure out why I’ve been getting blurry pictures and fix it. That’s a bit annoying.

Anyway, I’ll be going between breath and my new Cross blanket for the same little guy. Hopefully I’ll have some clearer progress pictures next week of both of them.

Two months later…

It’s hard to believe it’s been two months since I’ve been on here. I’ve made slow progress in the organizing. So slow you can’t really tell LOL. But little by little I’m getting rid of stuff that is no longer needed.

Crafting has gone a bit slow too. I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned crafting since the beginning of the year. I started two Hitchhiker scarf/shawls. I’ve also been working on Calendar still. I finished my pink Hitchhiker.

I still have the blue one going but it’s on hold for now.

My sister is having a little boy and is due this summer. After much deliberation and stress of finding the right blanket for little Baby No Name, I have decided to make Breath. It can be found here. I’ve already started on it. Here is my progress with just one day. So far it seems to be going rather quickly. We will have to see if the assembly of it will be as quick as working up the pieces.

Hopefully I’ll make more updates than once every two months. Part of the problem is that there really was nothing to really update that much. I’m hoping that will change too.

Quick progress for once

It’s so nice to finish a task early. I went through all the paper I could find. *blush* I’m sure I have more hiding but I at least know where to put it once I find it. :-D

So I gathered up all the papers I had and this is what I came up with.

But wait….there was more

So I sorted these into a few piles. I didn’t have what I needed for my Sunday Basket at the time so I just put that into it’s own pile too.

I had to clean out my current Fold N File. Then I used dividers and poly folders to divide each topic. I haven’t decided on a final division system. I may switch to file folders, I’m going to tweak it until it’s just how I want it. But it’s a start and it will work for now. I do want to get probably two other Fold N Files. I use one for my on the go Thirty One files and there was another reason I wanted the other but I can’t remember now. LOL. Anyway here is my Sunday Basket all ready to go.

So now I am all set and ready for whatever the next week will bring. I can spend the rest of this week crafting my little heart away. I plan on posting an update on both my hitchhikers. I don’t think the June card will be done this week but maybe I can make that one a January finish.

Week 1 of 40

This plan sounds perfect for me. I stick with the current week and probably do it every year. Of course the plan is that each year it will get easier and easier. If I have a crazy week or way too much to do in one week she says to just leave it. Whatever does get done will be progress.

This week is Kitchen paper organizing. Well…I don’t have much paper in the kitchen honestly. It all ends up in my closet. That’s where the filing cabinet is as well as where my drop zone seems to be. So I’ll be going around the house collecting papers through the day. Then I’ll start organizing them. One of the to-dos is to make a “Sunday Basket”. She talks about this on her blog at She uses a Longberger basket for hers. My plan is to use my Thirty One Fold N File. This will work perfect for my Sunday Basket. There will of course be progress pictures on all of it.


I’m very excited to start this project. Staying on track with this I’ll finish this set of 40 weeks at the end of October. It will be nice to have progress on organizing the house before the next holiday season. I’m hoping to have a few people join in with me. I would love to hear any progress and tips in the comments.

Change in plans

So my 30 day challenge that I took way longer than 30 days to do didn’t work out so good. LOL She took the website down and made it into a book that she sells. Which is great and probably a great book. I’ve found a place that might be more to my pace. It’s a 40 week to get your whole house organized. This person does it every year because organization is something you have to continue to work at.

So I’m going to give this 40 week thing a try and possibly try to do it every year. I’m hoping to get my Thirty One business more organized as well. It will be nice to be able to use my Thirty One products for organization around the house too. I’m pretty excited to be able to do that. I may start a series of posts on how to use the bags and totes for organizing too. Hopefully this organize my house thing will help me to have more time also.

Here is where I found the 40 week organizing from. You get an email every Monday with a link to the post for that week. She also has a podcast that is encouraging and motivational. I’m sure I have one friend who will do it with me. Who else will join me on this challenge to get our whole homes organized?

First finish of 2015

I finally finished one of my projects. Butterfly is all done. I forgot to measure it out but it’s the perfect size for curling up on the couch. I’m happy with the results of it too.

This one doesn’t have a home yet. I’m planning on entering it into the 2015 fair and I’m sure it’s home will be decided at some point in the future. It just hasn’t decided where it wants to go yet. :)

I had planned to not start any projects this year and instead focus on getting my WIP list down. That has lasted all of one week. LOL Our group over at craftpots has decided to do an along with the Hitchhiker pattern. The pattern can be found here. I’m looking forward to trying this one. It looks like a quick and easy pattern.

Happy New Year!!!

2014 was a great year. It had it’s ups and downs like most years but all in all it was good. I’ve decided that 2015 will be better though. I’ve decided that I want to become a better me this new year.

This year instead of a New Years resolution, I’m going to try the one word thing I’ve heard about. I first heard about it through an email at work. It intrigued me. I really work for a wonderful company that has a lot of faithful God loving people working for it at the executive level. It makes me happy that they are willing to share their faith and what has helped them with all of us. I was speaking to my friend about our worries and fears for the upcoming year and we have decided to do the one word for the year.¬†You can learn more about the one word 365 here.


This year I chose PRAY as my word. I feel the need to grow closer to God and I know one way to do that is to pray. He wants us to pray continually and that is something I want to instill into my day.

images (1)

My goal is to pray continually throughout the day and to bring everything to God as he has asked us to do. I will update every so often this year on how my 2015 word has helped me this year.